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Charise Williams is recognized for her work in criminal justice reform and working relentlessly with community organizations throughout Chicago and Cook County to increase economic development through employment, education, strengthening families/households, and community building. Charise is committed to representing the Illinois 1st District in Congress and ensuring that the right policies are in place to build and sustain its communities for now and future generations. 

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  • Graduate of the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy

  • Former Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority (ICJIA) Deputy Director and Chief of Staff, serving as the acting Executive Director's senior advisor.

  • Director of External Affairs for the Chicago Federation of Labor, responsible for stewarding the CFL brand, lobbying local and state policies, conceptualizing, developing, and facilitating projects related to the brand's commitment.

  • Deputy Chief of Staff for Civic Engagement at the Illinois State Treasurer’s Office, developed a network of external partnerships, political allies, internal partners, and community leaders.

Charise is COMMITTED
to putting you first!

In the News


Charise Williams enters race to replace Illinois Congressman Bobby Rush, joining a Chicago alderman and son of Rev Jesse Jackson



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Charise believes that quality healthcare is a fundamental right for all citizens. In Congress, Charise will work to:

  • Expand coverage for senior citizens, women and all citizens.

  • Be a strong advocate for expanded policies and resources for family planning services.

  • Support citizens obtaining healthcare from a qualified provided of their choice.

  • Oppose policies that decrease or prevent women from access to healthcare.



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Every resident deserves to live in a safe community. A healthy environment impacts child development, mental and physical health. In Congress, Charise will work to:

  • Increase resources for violence prevention programs.

  • Allocate resources for the first district to ensure neighborhood safety.

  • Work on legislation that will create strong, enforceable federal gun trafficking laws. 

Safer Communities


Choose Trade school over College or Univ

Charise continues to focus on improving economic development within the State of Illinois. In Congress, Charise will work to:

  • Recover the loss that our business community have faced due to COVID-19.

  • Ease the burden of access to capital for small businesses so that these companies are able to sustain their workforce.

  • Create workforce development programs and training, in the labor force to acquire skill sets for the current labor market.

  • Focus on plans to ease congestion on major highways, create highway-centered projects, conduct bridge replacement and repairs, and build more affordable housing.

  • Create additional resources for independent farmers and fight to protect our farmlands.

Jobs and Economic Development


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Student loan borrowers will repay over $240 billion in interest over the next 10 years. In Congress, Charise will work to:

  • Develop programs that will expand the COVID-19 moratorium, in an effort to tackle the issues of student debt.

Student Debt Reform




Women’s rights are human rights. Women have the right to attain quality physical and mental healthcare; the right to have fair and equal pay; and the right to not be discriminated against based on gender and race. In Congress, Charise will work to:

  • Ensure that wage discrimination is a thing of the past and that all women are given fair and equal pay.

  • Fight for all women to have equal pay and quality healthcare.

Women’s Rights


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